Visa Issues

You may need a visa to come to Russia. If so, we will be glad to provide you with standard supporting documents you may need.

A Russian visa is required for nationals of most countries. However, recently Russia established a visa free regime with several European, Asian and South American countries. To check whether the visa free regime is applicable in your case, please contact the Russian consulate in your country.

To obtain a Russian visa, you first need to obtain an invitation (visa support) issued by an authorized organization. Then you should take that invitation to the Russian consulate in your country in order to obtain an actual visa. The Russian visa support is not an invitation letter from a host in Russia; it is a legal document including the traveler’s passport information and travel information. The Russian visa invitation can only be obtained through an authorized agency.

To obtain for an invitation, please fill in this form. Please, note that the procedure should start well in advance.

If you have any questions regarding visa issues, please, contact us at