IMS-2017 is co-organized by ITMO University, St. Petersburg State University and Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Both universities have the status of national research universities and are recognized as the leading centers of competence in the respected areas of studies. 

It is also supported by PRIOR North-West, Russian non-governmental interregional expert network focused on the Information Society development.


ITMO University – one of the leading universities and research institutions in Russia, specializing in Information Technologies, Optical Design and Engineering. Founded in 1900, today it is home to over 14,300 students and has earned its name “National Research University,” being of the best centers for the selection and training of young gifted programmers in Russia. The University hosts 43 international research laboratories, as well as the R&D system of startup labs and tech clusters. ITMO University participates in several international programs and offers over two dozen double degrees Master’s and PhD programs with partner universities around the world. 

IMS-2017 is hosted by tne Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations (IFMO University) and the Faculty of Political Science (St. Petersburg State University). 


ITMO University  

Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations (IFMO University)

For more than 290 years, St. Petersburg University has been committed to advancing science, generating knowledge and training outstanding professionals. The University is rich in history – it dates back to 1724, when Peter the Great founded the Academy of Sciences and Arts as well as the first Academic University in Russia. Today St. Petersburg State University is striving, as before, to lead research and education on a national and global scale. By bringing together traditions and innovations, St. Petersburg University sets the pace for development of science, education and culture in Russia and across the world. 


St. Petersburg State University

Faculty of Political Science (St. Petersburg State University)

The Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences is a large state-owned Russian library based in Saint Petersburg on Vasilievsky Island and open to employees of institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences and scholars with higher education. It is a part of the academy and includes, besides the central collection, the library collections housed by specialized academic institutions in Saint Petersburg and other cities. The library was founded in Saint Petersburg by a decree of Peter I in 1714 and subsequently included into the structure of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.


Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences