Research seminar “Governance through Collaboration: New Designs and Platforms for Government-Citizen Relations in Public Policy”

(GtC2017), 23-24 June 2017

18th Research Seminar of the Russian Political Science Association (RC on Comparative Politics) co-sponsored by the IPSA RC-48 on Administrative Culture will be held at St. Petersburg State University on June 23-24, 2017. The proposed meeting of the seminar is focused on the presentation of research materials relating to ‘governance through collaboration,’ ‘co-creation’, and ‘co-production’ of public policy. In this regard, the conference welcomes reports describing the best practices of the implementation of collaboration in public policy in different cultural contexts, and the relationship between the concepts of ‘co-creation’ and ‘co-production’ and "inclusive innovation" in the description of public policy in new developing economies as well as ensuring transparency, citizen-generated data and Internet resources for public policy. Moreover the seminar welcomes reports describing innovative processes of collaboration in policy design, the structure and organization of public policy, public governance in different fields of policies in individual countries and in a comparative perspective.

Keynote Speakers

Bucken-Knapp Gregg - School of Public Administration & Centre for Global Migration, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Lewis Jeremy - Huntingdon College, USA
Yakimets Vladimir - Institute for Information Transfer Problems of RAS, Russia

Submission of Abstracts (to 300 words): from January 25 to March 15, 2017 - Please fill a registration form at

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  • Notification on Abstract Acceptance: March, 15.
  • Paper Submission: April, 1.
  • Notification on Paper Acceptance: May 1.
  • Revised Paper Submission: May 15.

Contact Information:

Kirill Neverov, GtC-2017 Coordinator, e-mail:

Radomir Bolgov, IMS-2017 International Symposium Program Coordinator, e-mail:, phone: +79119747006